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Thursday, 19 November 2009


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"New Frankish Empire" is a bit verbose - how about Fourth Reich?

At my age, 'DM', verbosity is not only allowed it is a requirement! Actually, although my detailed knowledge of the Frankish empire is minimal from the little I do know it is a very apt simile.

It - and its continuation, the Holy Roman Empire of the German People - was the First Reich, David; the Kaiser's was the Second, Herr Hitler's the Third. And now we are four.

I bow to your superior knowledge, 'DM', but I am slightly wary of the title "Reich", it has, as you know, modern connotations.

Well, rehabilitate it by associating it with the sweetness and light that is the EU. Actually my favourite jibe at the EU is that it is Vichy France by other means.

"Vichy France by other means

Now why didn't I think of that one?! An absolute corker!

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