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Monday, 23 November 2009


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How sad. If there's been any manipulation, it has been by the mainstream media, at the behest of corporations, stirring up a doubt about global warming that doesn't exist in the minds of anyone who knows the facts.

All I see in those leaked emails is scientists under attack from sceptics trying to protect their work from distortion. I guess we read what we want into it though.

The FOI matter is bad but not really related to the climate science. People probably should get in trouble for it, but that doesn't cancel out the science created by tens of thousands of people round the world.

Always sad to see people succumbing to the deliberate campaign corporations have run to plant doubt about global warming so that they can carry on polluting.

Heh, heh. Poor old sheik is on shaky ground -

The paste is out of the tube,
The horse is out of the stable,
The box of Pandora is open,
It's curtains for Jones's wee fable.

I'm not quite sure of the correct way to address a Sheikh, but whatever, welcome to D&N your Highness. Pay no attention to old 'Dearieme', he's a poet, and he don't know it!

However, to your main point concerning manipulations "at the behest of corporations" I should have a care if I were you. Amongst Dr. Jones's long list of financial contributors you will find an array of so-called 'green' corporations desperately trying to make profits out of alternative energy sources. Oh dear!

May I suggest you go to the comments thread to which I linked in my post and ignore the quotes from the sundry e-mails if you think them irrelevant and instead read carefully the ones relating to the codes and the comments contained in them by various programmers who have no particlualr axe to grind.

Finally, your Highness, I would like to read your blog but I must tell you that tiny white letters on a black background makes it unreadable for chaps of my age - and as for 'Dearieme', well, he got the Queen's telegram back when she actually sent telegrams! Be a good chap and at least increase the font size.

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