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Sunday, 29 November 2009


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So. Whaddaya think?

"Come back Sen. McCarthy, all is forgiven!"

What's to forgive?

Must be a low news week or something. Cheney will be 71 in 2012 and has a history of heart trouble. Ain't gonna happen! But a Palin/Cheney twosome, the beauty and the beast, that might be a goer.

Quite so, 'NNW'.

I don't think so. Even if they agreed down the line on issues, which they don't, their personalitys are to different, they would be at each others throats, hopefully after the election. And I think they know it.

But then didn't someone say something about politcs and strange bedfellows.


Click and enjoy

Yes, I saw that last week, Hank, and one of these days I will work out how to put 'YouTubes' up directly on to my site. I particularly liked the line "cuz what you did was such a crime" because it was indeed a crime against humanity.


On the rit=ght side of the UTube page there is line that says imbed.
Highlight cut and paste.

If you want to be fancy there is button at the end of the line that when you click on it gives options. Select highlight cut and paste

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