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Thursday, 26 November 2009


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George is smart enough to realise that hands on ears saying "nah nah can't hear" you won't work. However, he's still bought into the whole thing.

His solution is that one of the "team" fall on their swords and that once done the rest can declare "problem solved" and carry on as if nothing had changed. That won't work - many skeptics were in the closet and this event seems to have led to a lot of them coming out.

Yes, TDK, you're right that he is smart enough not to deny the undeniable but even so he's a rarity amongst the HAFs in doing so and he will certainly bring down an enormous amount of flack onto his own head - hence my (not unbounded) admiration.

The big question is whther or not the politicians are picking up on this. Probably not but given that most of them are followers not leaders perhaps they will in time. Mind you, they will be extremely reluctant to forego all those juicy opportunities to raise taxes!

The politicians clearly don't believe it. If we really had, what is it now, 15 days to save the planet then they wouldn't be flying anyway, let alone debating the pros and cons of adding a third runway. They wouldn't be demanding reductions in 40 years that they couldn't be held account for, they would be stopping it today.

Still, you are right about Moonbat. Credit for being realistic about the contents. Currently the focus is on "hide the decline". Wait till they start on the "Harry" code comments.

Encouraging news from Australia, though, where 5 Liberals have resigned rather than follow their government's stupid emissions trading scheme:

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