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Tuesday, 15 December 2009


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I know nothing of Blair's domestic policies, but I understand he left many in Britain upset. Considering how long he stayed in office, I have to assume there was another side to the story.

As an American, I can certainly comment on Blair's foreign policy. And like most Americans I was very happy and proud to have Blair as an ally on 9/11. He was always more eloquent than Bush (no surprise there) when it came to voicing a coherent foreign policy about toppling the "monster regimes" that threaten the West. I think that's what others dislike about Blair. He believed that a nation's sovereignty should be respected until tyranny reached a tipping point, and then you only respect the people's right to a democratic government, or soomething close to it.

I do not think Blair lied about WMD. I think he believed they were there just as every intelligence agency in the world believed they were there, even those, like the French and Germans who didn't join in. However, he lacked the definitive proof and that led him and his principal henchmen to exaggerate (polite version) or lie (impolite version).

What I did object to was the subversion of the intelligence community to his political will. Hitherto, the various intelligence bosses might get things wrong but they told it the way they saw it. They failed to do that over Iraq and became the glove puppets of government. Blair, for all his charm, has been an utterly repugnant influence on British public life. Not the least of his wickedness was his cowardice in the face of his brutish and stupid Chancellor of the Exchequer, now our prime minister.

I think something's fishy.

I have been reminded, "OUCH that's me ear!"

Fish is good for a fellow's heart and hearth.

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