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Tuesday, 15 December 2009


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The same corrupt judge a few months ago handed out a ridiculously lenient sentence to 3 teenagers who tortured, burned, sexually abused and robbed another teenager. Here :

Rob, thank you (I think!) for the link which was so appalling I could hardly read it to the end. And Reddihough's sentence of 16 and 10 months for two of the torturers simply defies belief.

However, to ensure m' learned friends do not take an excessive interest in this thread I am sure that when you typed your comment and referred to the judge as "corrupt" it was your understandable fury that made you forget to put the word 'intellectually' before it!

There is a very disagreeable means by which the "system" can be induced to carry on it's side of the bargain er, contract. But "disagreeable" doesn't come close to 'splaining the sheer messiness necessitated - (mostly because it takes a true cock-up by a member of either the judicial or the legislative branches) - before "the branches" realize the mistake(s).

I have to think your former PM doesn't hold a candle to our former Gub'ner.


I don't agree that Reddihough is either actually or morally corrupt: he's just a common or garden idiot who has been promoted far beyond his competence. I'm sure he was a bundle of laughs at (I assume, with no proof at all) meetings of his local Labour Party. As to moral corruption in our justice system this illustration of human mendacity takes a lot of beating.


Aware that your emphasis is guidedd primarily by Conservative Ideals (and in the knowledge that this blog's commentors are primarily the Liberal ilk) I know I need to balance it out. Don't wish to have you off your nut Sir.

Oh, we get all sorts here, 'JK', 'Right', 'Left', 'Centre', 'Don't Know' and 'Couldn't Care Less'! However, speaking for myself, I do know about Huckerbee and that is the certainty that he's a pill!

'Bongers', yes, I read that oozing load of tripe from Grimsby - yuk!

I think what Mr Hussein did wrong was to not immediately claim that he and his brother were trying to put Salem out of his misery upon realising he had a broken leg.

Or alternatively admit the offence on the grounds that they 'thought it woyld be fun'...

Oh, Julia, you're a tonic!

Well said, David. Some jobs just need doing. Somebody has to provide a deterrent.

Indeed, Malcolm, and I always recall Mark Steyn's description of life in rural England where people would go out leaving their doors unlocked and their windows open and burglary was minimal. Of course he was referring toNew England where householders are allowed to keep guns and if you blew away a burglar you got a letter of commendation from the local sheriff!

I thought the USA had gotten ridiculous, but this is unbelievable. I wish I lived near this judge. He would be in Hell tomorrow.

Welcome to D&N, Al. By coincidence I am hearing today via Fox News about some multiple child killer in the USA who was known to the authorities as dangerous but was somehow released into the community. It seems we share a common pool of utter stupidity verging on criminal negligence on the part of our respective systems of law and order.

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