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Saturday, 09 January 2010


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You might be interested in this interview with Watson at

Unfortunately, 'Bongers', all I get is the 'infonomia site but no text! Have you sent me the right link?

Works for me (using firefox browser).

Bugger! No, still no show. Pity.


I've put the article in a pdf file and emailed it to you direct

Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar - and I am really very grateful - thanks.

'Bongers', I have just read it and saved it and I am doubly grateful. He really is a most stimulating man, I'm not totally convinced by some of his ideas, or at least, I need to think about them a lot harder.

Judged by the opening chapters of his book "Ideas" (have you read it?), his forthcoming book on the subject of early Man will be riveting. That whole period during which the apes coming down out of the trees, gradually standing upright, mastering fire and eventually evolving into creatures with a sense of self as well as consciousness of past, present and future is fascinating. Can't wait!


Before you posted, my only knowledge of him was as a member (him not me!) of the Insight team on the Sunday Times. Because of his journalistic background I'm a bit of a sceptic but, nevertheless, from the evidence of the article, he appears to be - as you say - a stimulating thinker. Of course, as a journalist, his writing is probably as stimulating as his thinking.

BTW there is no current mention of Watson in the "People" section of the website of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research (a very prestigious outfit)

That's not to say he isn't (or wasn't) attached to the Institute but odd I think.

Yes, personally, I'm glad of his journalistic background because it makes reading him that much easier. I have no idea of his scholastic qualifications but the index and the notes to his book are immense and very detailed. I think his way of speaking to, say, 3 experts and asking them to name the most important factor in their studies and then producing a synthesis of the ideas is very clever.

I do recommend his book - but beware if you sufffer with back problems!

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