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Tuesday, 09 February 2010


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Well she's from way out west, talks with a funny accent, and spent her life doing things rather than talking about them. Who would want someone like that running a country? Good God its as daft as electing a Scotsman- one with a record of achieving things.
No a leader is required to have spent his life in education, followed by time as a party hack- and must have the right accent. And being in regular contact with ordinary people is absolutely forbidden- a leader is supposed to enrich the elite, not consider the whole nation.
Besides she uses notes when she speaks- how old fashioned, doesn't she know that you can just read a ready made speech from a teleprompter?
No she's totally unacceptable as president- think of the special interest groups she might hurt.

Quite so!

(Oh, and welcome to D&N, Pat.)

She does seem to have something in common with a former Presidential candidate. She can with all the authenticity in the land of "You Betcha" declare - "Oh, you mean that 'Bridge to Nowhere' well I was for it before I was against it."

However it turns out, assuming a run is in the cards, I do hope she picks a good sort for her VP - when two years after assuming the throne she discovers that the oath she'd recited did mention "Protecting and Defending the Constitution" and forces her to take back her job as Alaska's First-Fishmonger.

Palin/Coulter for '12! Remember, you read it here first!

(Well a man can phantasise, can't he?)

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