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Wednesday, 03 February 2010


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Tell Mrs. Duff I said "Happy Birthday." Judging by the picture you once posted, I'd say it's her 40th.

Sir, you are possessed of a suspiciously smooth style, however, your good wishes will be passed on and, no doubt, appreciated.

40th? I wish!!

I do enjoy reading about your love for your governing bodies!!! LOL!
A very Happy Birthday to your loved one and, ma'am, you must be kept hopping by such an eloquent observer of life!
Jeanie Oliver

¡Muy feliz cumpleaños, señora mía!

Hello, Jeanie, yes I do have to laugh otherwise I'd burst into tears!

Ortega, you Spanish smoothie, you! Why does Happy Birthday sound ten times sexier in Spanish than English?

Both your felicitations have been passed onto Head Office!

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