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Thursday, 18 February 2010


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"I told him at the time that even with nil expertise I still doubted his forecasts because there were still 'zillions' of gallons of oil yet to be discovered and which were simply awaiting a rise in price to make them worthwhile."

Pray tell, Mr Cockwibble. What evidence do you have to claim that something exists, and to quantify it, BEFORE it has been discovered?

I strongly recommend you consult a specialist in Degenerative Cerebral Disorders. Your GP will refer you.

I strongly suspect that we are in the presence of a 'Little Willy' dressed up in disguise as a 'Weggis'. Don't ask me how I "can claim that something exists [...] before it has been discovered", in this case, a 'Little Willy' in a false moustache, but I think it might have something to do with my acute sense of smell!

The other clue to my suspicion is that the question above posed by 'Weggis' is a rather beautiful example of combined ignorance and stupidity, a condition in which 'Little Willy' frequently finds himself. In my post above I added reports from several major oil companies in which they pointed to their current oil reserves, a practice which has been followed since oil companies came into existence. These estimates vary from year to year as more and more new sources of oil are discovered and the news of which is regularly published in newspapers of repute which excludes the Beano and Viz, the favoured reading, I suspect, of 'Little Willy'/'Weggis'.

Thus, 'Little Willy'/'Weggis', the only people, then and now, who require medical attention are those retards who continue to bang on about 'peak oil'.

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