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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


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"...this moron has just been awarded a Doctorate - in 'pond life', I believe - so now you know where your tax money went! "

I'd say at least that's a small step up from meejah studies or - Lol! - this sort of thing, but then again, probably not...

Does anyone know how the weather stations are distributed around the globe? I'm pretty sure there are none on the oceans, which cover about 70% of the planet, and I have a sneaky suspicion that there are none in South America, or Africa, and only a few throughout Asia.

If the data is as spotty as I think it is, then what sort of statistical technique is used to smooth it?

Thanks, Julia. Country queers? Good God, they're all queer down here and the only virgins are the sheep than can run faster than the shepherds!

Yes, Dom, there are stations in Russia and China, two countries whose 20th century was hardly an oasis of peace, security and tranquility in which keen young chaps eagerly went out to take readings everyday! As for statistical technique, ask Prof. Jones!


The US has by far the most extesive network. quloity and quanity veries greatly

On of the example that was posted a while back is Brazil. With less than 20 sites that go back to the early 20th Century. No report as to urbanization, but they are all with in a 50 miles of the coast. Look at a map, that hardly provides a good snap shot of Brazil as a whole.

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