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Thursday, 11 February 2010


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Is SoD also a David? If so, he's David Og.

'DM', sometimes you brainy professorial types are so subtle that teasing the meaning from your comments is like trying to do The Times crossword! "David Og"? I know there's a joke in there somewhere and explaining it will ruin it but even so ...

Nah, it's just The Gaelic. "David Og" means "David Duff the Younger". So much snazzier than "Junior", don'cha think?

Thanks, 'DM', this internet 'thingie' is a real education! Alas, he's called Lawrence not David.

'JK', thanks for that, and it has prompted me to write a more serious appraisal of Mrs. Palin the politician as opposed to Mrs. Palin the Gorgeous Crumpet.

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