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Sunday, 21 February 2010


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In case you missed it.

'JK', interesting paper, thanks.

Ortega, thanks but those rascals over at 'I Hate The Media' had already put it up. Palin/Coulter for 2012 - go, Babes, go! (Well, a man can dream, can't he?)

But what's in it for the Germans? A financially weak UK with, by 2015, serious energy problems can deliver precisely what to Mrs M? Our only card is the "EU out" card which, as you say, will not be played - it won't even be threatened.

As for your hope concerning a "sceptical but pragmatic Tory government", really!! The Conservatives are, at the moment, reaping the whirlwind (in the polls) of being so pragmatic and unprincipled (well, adopting the principles of New Labour which is much the same thing) that they look set to become the loyal opposition post the election. Were that their objective they are certainly adopting the right (pragmatic) policies to succeed in that aim.

To go further: were Cameron and his acolytes not so obviously desperate for power, I would have suspected that the adoption of ill-considered "Conservative" policies plus the centrist agenda applying internally to the Party were gigantic bluffs intended to leave Labour with a tiny majority in the Commons so that Brown would be forced to deal with the ruin he's created.

Sorry to rant against Cameron rather than reflect on your proposal. In brief, what I'm saying is that we in general and Cameron in particular have nothing of any interest to offer Mrs M in return for her help in furthering our own interests. Worse, sooner rather than later, we'll be relying on her charity and at that time she will be able to name her price and Cameron (or Brown) or, in reality, you and I will have to pay it.

I take your point(s) but we do have our EU vote! I forget what percentage we have but it is not inconsiderable and if Mrs. M. is minded to pursue sensible policies for the EU then we might as well earn some Brownie points and do our best to drive a little bit of a wedge between her and the Hungarian dwarf, to say nothing of all those slavering Eurocrats who cannot wait to seize even more powers.

And as for playing a weak hand, what are all those highly educated, highly paid, frightfully smart, young chaps and chapesses in the FO for? Sorry, 'Bongers', can I fetch you a glass of water ... ?

"can I fetch you a glass of water. . ?"

Yes please - and don't be sparing with the Scotch.

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