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Friday, 19 February 2010


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"Zionist Leon Trotsky of the Zionist USSR." Thank you, David, for the link to the "Jew Watch!!"

I must confess I'm even more fascinated with conspiracy nuts than the Eternal Person really pulling the strings attached to the next person and his neighbour. The older I get the more astonished I become with people who use the only life they've got to "explore", "investigate" and "reveal" Protocols of the Elders of Utter Nonsense.

Too bad I will be duty-bound tonight to socialize with my compatriots and celebrate the Finnish hockey teams 5-0 victory over Germany in a state of appropriate drunkennes. Otherwise I'd be treating myself with an orgy of chuckles at the "Jew Watch."

But it's good to know there is one more place to go for fun and "enlightenment" next time the need for such things arises. Thank you.

I didn't read any of that, but I just wanted to ask you to choke on your own balls.


Oh, I didn't read it either! I tried and did my second best but there's only so much a Scandinavian person can read once the Elders of Zion have made him temporarily blind.


I think some people exist only to demonstrate that the other 99%+ are sane and normal.

Juri, welcome to D&N and allow me to add my congratulations to the Finnish hockey team for well and truly 'pucking' their opponents! Don't pay too much attention to 'Snotty McShot', he is an old adversary who has been on the 'missing list' as far as this blog is concerned for some considerable time but it now looks as though he has finally sobered up - unfortunately!

Hank, I'm not sure I would put the % as high as you but your notion is spot on.

Well, so long as we're discussing obviously blatant conspiracies here:">">

Now I'm sure of it!

Good writer, not sure about the politics!

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