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Sunday, 07 February 2010


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Well I for one disagree. However, since we've managed to break the color barrier I do agree it's time to break the gender barrier too. Admittedly, Sarah was capable of a "sustained mixing-it-up" on the Mayoral level but if she couldn't handle the same in the least populated State in the Country.

Personally, given this one's "Executive Experience" I know I could get behind her.

Judged by her massive frontage, getting behind her might take some time!

Oh, David, David, David. You're thinking with your second biggest organ instead of your brain. Palin is not qualified to hold federal office. Period. Her intuitions seem to be libertarian, but in practice she is not. She voted for the famous "bridge to nowhere" in Alaska, and her arguments for it would have made Thatcher puke.

The only way Obama will get a second term in office is if he runs against Palin.

You are correct David. At least in comments. It is most certainly the duty of the voter to thoroughly examine a candidate.

I find myself in total agreement with "Dom" except that I'd go further, Obaama wouldn't even have to campaign were Sarah his opponent - "Just sit in the Oval Office Sir, Sarah's on TV addressing the retards."

Dom and 'JK', you may both be right.

It may be my desperation stemming from the, to me, incredible make-up and machinations (policy is definitely not the word) of the Obama polit-bureau which makes me gaze with such adoration at the delicious Sarah ... and yet ... and yet ... I don't expect unsullied saints as politicians, even the 'Blessed Margaret" has some stains upon her record but what I do look for is some sort of 'authenticity' - I have settled on that word whilst recognising that it does require amplification. Here is not the place, so I think I will post on the subject a bit later tonight.

But, in the meantime, fella's, she's drop dead gorgeous, isn't she?

"Gorgeous" she is, but gorgeous is only a qualification for participating in beauty pageants.

"Steady the Buffs."

So how did Obama win?

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