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Tuesday, 09 February 2010


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Mr Duff. It has been brought to my attention that you have been practising a vile perversion of the English language.

The word "scallawag" is to be rendered "scallywag" or "scalliwag" in this Realm. Also you will use the proper spelling of "scrote" lest you falsely deny its etymology.

In light of these transgressions, the hideous Americanism "shucking" can also not be allowed to stand.

You shall cease forthwith these desecrations of our noble tongue and repent.

My Lord, I grovel in submission to your stern admonishments and submit to any punishment you see fit to inflict upon my unworthy person. I put it down to the drink, galloping senility and the unfortunate circumstances of my potty training whilst young. I have, of course, corrected my mis-spellings but I would crave your indulgence for the word "shucking". This has become something of an Anglo-American blog and whilst the 'cousins' are not quite as rich and powerful as heretofore, nevertheless, a certain amount of flattery through imitation is still advisable - it wouldn't do to write them off too early!

Newman's books re his Gangland and bent cops scenarios are duplicitious - they have been so for about 40 years now and this latest rendition covers the same old ground. He has an AUTHORS NOTE stating that he has written fiction and yet all over the cover the blurb reads that its about the KRAY'S and RICHARDSON's and the publisher in notations inside the front despite the cover blurb above also has duplicitious blurb "this book is a work of fiction names characters businesses ...organisations, places and events are ficticious ... any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental". And there is more on the book's back cover specifically naming the Krays. Anyway gangland which long preceded the Sixties anyway has now moved on witness Tony Thompson's latest offering and Newman has been flogging his dishonest duplicity now for about 40 years. His "YOU NICE BASTARD" (1972) was duplicitiously dedicated to the KRAYS and RICHARDSON's individually by name.

Mr. Cameron, welcome to 'D&N'. I'm not quite sure why you are so fierce in your denunciation of Newman's works, nor am I convinced that your criticism stands. It is years since I read Newman's books and I have never considered them to be anything other than fiction, albeit, fiction based on the society he depicts and obviously knows. It is barely worth repeating the old truism that fiction can sometimes tell clearer truths than history. And who is Tony Thompson?

You need to do more research obviously. Study up on the bits I've highlighted for a start. These criticsms don't mean that every word G F N writes is cods but they do signify that careful scrutiny is required. I have very good reason for knowing G F N's approach quite well and have had quite a lot experience in the world in which he dabbles. You could follow up on my link and with application you would find certain insights therein.

Well, Ian (if I may use the familiar), I am sure I hear the sound of a personal axe being sharpened and you will forgive me, I'm sure, if I steer clear. As far as I am concerned Newman's police novels were a terrific read - as was the TV version. At the time, and it was some time ago, it opened my eyes to a hitherto veiled sector of life in 'our septic Isle'. I was personally intrigued by his stories because a decade before he wrote them I was within a whisker of joining the Met and by the late '70s I may well have been in the midst of the situations he recounts. I often wonder to myself how I would have coped - but I do not dwell too long on the probable answer!

Mr Duff R.I.P.

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