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Tuesday, 23 March 2010


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does the above mean that you are on twitter and facebook?
Isn't American great? From day one our leaders spoke of "all men are created equal", but old George had slaves, and Thomas J. wrote all about it, but not only wouldn't let them go while alive but loved several to distraction! Now I am thrilled to say that we once again are providing great sport and fodder for the rest of the world to enjoy with their morning tea.
I would be so bored, confined to my bed as I am, if it were not for Washington D.C.(and your jokes, of course,).
Oh, go easy on the lawyers. You surmised that if we speak of Jake the Younger, then there must be an older sibling. There is-Sach the Older(Older Attorney, that is...!!!!!! LOL)

All my best from American, home of the free and the brave and the idiots in Washington,

Do you mean, Jeanie, that there is no difference between Washington DC and my jokes?! Anyway, if they cheer you up a little then that's good.

As for the 'thingies' above, Jeanie, I have no idea. You are conversing with a man who had to go to night school to learn how to use the on/off button. These 'thingies' appear from time to time on my screen and I resolutely ignore them on the grounds that experience has taught me that if you click on them a whole new world of confusing problems will arise. Who needs them?

The legal battle will be great sport. I expect some narrow and inscrutable decision which may limit O's scheme slightly. Meanwhile the electorate will act with more dispatch.

One can but hope, Alan, that the electorate will act but I have a niggling fear that something is going to hit the fan before November, and anyway, one is relying on the Republican party who, like our very own Conservative party, only differ from the socialists in power by a matter of degree.

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