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Friday, 26 March 2010


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Realizing since we've made you an "Honorable Arkie" and you subsequently decided to emigrate after Gordie gets re-elected, just when are your elections? The sole reason I ask is because I just noticed your comments about our lack of hooliganism re: our "sports."

If you'll lay aside waiting for your elections you can come along now and participate in our grand Southern sport "automobile shenanigans." All that's required is a proper bumpersticker. Or, an SUV. If you'd prefer the "spectator" role - that's easily and cheaply accomplished too. All one needs is a police radio scanner.

Running for political office is not a requirement.

There are no "Honorable Arkies". You mean "Honorary".

Well. I just meant if'n you'uz to move hereabouts.

But really, didn't you notice where the abstaining Democratic Senators hail from? As well as all but one of the Representatives?

Oh Beglobberin' Dom, I thought you'uz DD til I posted.

Good grief, 'JK', much more of your 'Arkie' talk and I am going to need a translator!

Dom, I'm no expert but from everything I hear about 'Arkie' rednecks (and it all comes from 'JK') I would be very careful what you say about them!

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