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Monday, 15 March 2010


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Ah, but it gets worse. Yes, "over there" it could come quicker, but...

I realize you are David, a big-time fan of all things Al Gore but he is and has been an inventor all his life - with three patents to his "credit." The last you know of course (as so often written about in the pages of D&N) perhaps you realize were it not for Al also inventing the Internet there wouldn't be a D&N. But, most importantly, he also invented our Social Security "Lockbox."

'JK', see 'Additional' above and thanks for the link.

Ordinarily David, I'd not post such a link (primarily because of the difficulty in correlating the differences and adjustments necessary between GMT - Greenwich Mean Time - and my own CST). However it should be apparent what the bond dealers recognized in the interval betwixt the time the above posted link appeared and what's happened in "the metals markets" since.

"Draw one's own conclusions" is the Hillbilly equivalent to:

Yep, there's gold in them thar hills!

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