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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


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My sincerest "Thanks" to you David for this post.

As you (probably) realize, I do quite a bit of reading on the "Milblogs" and could never for the life of me comprehend what the hell was going on, and why. Over here we experienced much the same with the initial "Overlord of Defense Acquisitions" Rumsfeld who was finally replaced by Gates who promptly (for Washington) cancelled the ludicrous F-35 contracts. Gates seems to understand on today's battlefield, the loitering time of a Spad S.VII would be an improvement.

Leaving the UK's land forces virtually and almost totally without air cover and support is tantamount to treason. Leaving aside the problems of inadequacies in Naval forces, this bastard needs to be handed a saber and rushed to the front.

The one-eyed prat would probably run himself through!

Actually that would be the hoped for result.

And come to think of it, your fellow does bear a striking resemblance to our Jack Elam. (When I post this link simply scroll to the last of the post for comparison. The subject matter concerns "Fashion" and was originally sent to SW to show that Fashion is not completely unknown in Arkansas). I'm afraid, were you to actually read the post, you might erroneously think it's subject resides in Arkansas.

Jack Elam! My God, the last of the truly great 'baddies'!

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