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Friday, 19 March 2010


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"...he and his party will live to regret it."

I know nothing about NHS, but I've listened to Dan Hannan and those who take the opposite point of view. My close friend is a green-card from Bradford, and he is filled with horror stories about waiting periods for major surgery. I have no idea who is right. But it seems to me that most of the people in England do NOT regret NHS. That's the odd thing about government-backed anything (education, health care, etc). Once you have it, you can't let go. I think that's why I oppose Obamacare -- there's no going back.

So, will they live to regret it? Probably not, no matter how bad it gets.

You are entirely right, Dom, most people in the UK regard the NHS as a sacred cow. However, you need to know that it began as a much tinier operation than it is today. Also, the doctors insisted that they be free to practive privately which meant the growth of a large private health industry running alongside the NHS. This allows the middle-classes to, in effect, opt out of the NHS with its long waits for service, its filth, its steadily falling standards. All of that means, of course, that the most vociferous group of potential critics are removed. It goes without saying that the size of the NHS has grown and grown and grown until today it is of mammoth proportions. It also goes without saying that the costs have sprinted well ahead of its growth.

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