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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


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David, you asked Malcolm once about some "procedural doings" concerning the health bill. It would appear that Madam Petrotsky is not just a "plain ol' slimebag" but a sly one too.

However, as you've noted (paraphrasing) "A pox on all their houses."

From the most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll:

46% of those polled want President Obama's health plan passed
45% don't want it passed and want the system kept as it is now.
By a 64-16 percent, Democratic respondents support Obama's health care plan.

Those polled are split on which would be worse for their congressional representative's re-election chances --- a vote for the overhaul bill or a vote against it.

Only 17% approve of how lawmakers on Capitol Hill are doing their jobs.

50% said they would vote to defeat every single member of Congress, including their own.

45% of those polled want a Democratic-controlled Congress.
42% want a GOP-controlled Congress.
But "high-interest" voters want a GOP-controlled Congress by 13 points, 52-39%

48% approve of how President Obama has performed in his first 400-plus days in office.
47% disapprove.

50% have a positive personal view of the president.
38% have a negative personal view.

Obama enjoys higher scores on his handling of Afghanistan (53 percent) and Iraq (53 percent), and lower scores on the economy (47 percent) and health care (41 percent).

By comparison, congressional Republicans' approval rating on health care is 35 percent.

60% think the country is on the wrong track.

88% say they've been personally affected by the downturn in the economy

I am an equal opportunity denigrator.

"..the self-inflicted damage has crucified Obama's presidency and crippled his party. "

Life is good! :)

Well, Julia, I do try to spread a little happiness everywhere I go!

'JK', yes, I have been reading and listening to the intricacies of Pelosi's wheeze. I think this sums it up neatly:

Still, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the move is her preferred method, and the preferred method of her members. "[M]embers are more comfortable with a [self-executing rule]," Pelosi told a handful of health care reporters and bloggers yesterday morning. "It's more insider and process oriented than most people want to know, but I like it because people don't have to vote on the Senate bill." (my emphasis)

Here's O speaking sub-W gibberish. If W had said this, it would have been all over the Beeb for weeks.

H/T Mish.

Yes, the boys at 'IHTM' picked that one up:

"Monday in Strongsville, Ohio, President Obama said that ObamaCare will reduce health insurance premiums for businesses by “3,000 percent.” Now that’s what we call stimulus! Considering a 100% reduction would result in premiums of zero, just think how much money a business will actually make with the other 2,900%!"

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