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Tuesday, 30 March 2010


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Thank God - I've reached VE Day!

And before May! You beat Ike and Monty. :- )

Thanks for the reveiws.

Indeed, thanks for the reviews. I "hope" I'm recalling an old read correctly so that my inferences are likewise correct. As to "why Ike didn't go for a thrust" (in the German sense) the US Army in the beginning had a mere 190,000 men at arms in '41 but by '45, 8.5 million. And no American general prior to Pearl had ever commanded a complete (and single) division... ah allow me to check, back in a sec.

I didn't wish to have "Hank" on me so:

anyway, my point is, unlike the Axis (excepting Italy) there simply didn't exist a youth embued with the martial ardor from the cradle which a "thrust strategy" requires.


You are quite right.

Though I should point out that the army had the support of a darn good navy.

Coming from you "Hank" I consider that high praise. And mostly I'd agree with your assessment concerning that "darn good navy" with only a very slight point of departure.

Of course this entails that biggest of words, "if" but then I think you'll understand. Had the battlewagons not been moored in port - the accepted naval strategic doctrine, to use carriers as "shield" auxilaries - might well have postponed the timely Battle of Midway.

I'm just glad it all worked out and that it was DD rather than me, who had to read the damn book. Mine and David's mutual e-pal tasked me with an epic book of my own. Hopefully I'll finish by VJ Day.

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