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Monday, 22 March 2010


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Hysterical cant. He ignores, for example, FDR's reign, when he went so far as attempting to "pack" the Supreme Court, and preached faction the whole time.

Precisely, 'DM', and presidents ever since have continued the practice, for example, an elderly SCOTUS judge is about to retire very soon and Obama can hardly wait to get his candidate in and swing the Court back to the Left.

All of the 'big' legislation post-war has been carried through with fierce resistance but always with bi-partisan support - except this measure, indeed, the only bi-partisan element of it was the opposition which was 100% Republican and some maverick Dems!

I certainly don't underestimate FDR's malign influence, it has been all too obvious but Obama's is of a different magnitude - and it ain't over yet. Wait till you see what's coming! I say again, Obama and his regime are Marxist.

"... Obama and his regime are Marxist."

I always say I disagree when you say things like this, but I'm starting to wonder. I wonder if there is such a thing as being a marxist and not knowing it.

Oh but FDR went far beyond picking a subservient judge, David. He declared that the Supreme Court Justices were old and overworked so that he was going to add to their number a whole bunch of extras whom he would select. There was enough public outrage that Congress blocked it, but it went far beyond what Obama has tried. I'm afraid that American conservatives are hoist by their own petard - they love indulging in sentimental crap about the Founding Fathers, and then when someone comes along with the, shall we say, slipperiness of Jefferson, they cry "unAmerican". Bah, humbug.

P.S. I mean the general run of American conservatives - I have no idea whether Mr Murray waxes lyrical about Jefferson.

Dom, I think they know it but they're just not telling!

'DM', I certainly wouldn't want to defend FDR's record but remember Obama has only been in the job for just over a year and having got away with it once he and his crew will try to 'Rahm' even more down American throats. It will be a close run thing to see what they can get away with before November.

As for the Republicans, they deserve what they are getting since the Bush adminstrations, father and son, spent like drunken sailors and did more than anything to enlarge the size of government. I'm not sure I would describe Murray as a 'Republican', I think he is a conservative - which isn't at all the same thing.

"I'm not sure I would describe Murray as a 'Republican'": I don't believe that I did.

Indeed you weren't, 'DM', sorry!

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