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Thursday, 18 March 2010


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Murdering the perpetrator of a "practical joke" should be legitimised as a "crime of passion".

Agreed! By the way, 'DM', did you ever see the play and if so what did you think of it?

No I didn't. But I think we have a tape somewhere of a TV version, just waiting to be watched. Now, if you're short of reading matter (!) I can recommend a wonderful book from my boyhood. "The Strange Story of the Quantum" by Banesh Hoffmann. Learn the gist of quantum theory, in a fascinating historical account, in just hours!! Reel at the chapter titles - "The Atom of Niels Bohr"; "Tha Atom of Bohr Kneels". Great stuff.

Ah pity! The TV version does not do it justice. Like all film media it opens up the action which diminishes the claustrophobia of an abstract stage.

As for the book, done, but I will sue if my pile of waiting-to-be-read books finally topples over and crushes me. Right then, off to ...

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