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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


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Exactly 50 years later - 1947 - my Dad took me to the local parish hall to see the carcass of a V-1 rocket in which a slot had been inserted and into which I was encouraged to put an old penny for some charity or other. Even then an impressive part of the maps of the world on the wall of my kindergarten was coloured red which we (or at least my parents' generation) thought was an indication of what they had fought - in part - to preserve. They were also deluded about the strength and permanence of the UK and its Empire with, perhaps, much less reason than Toynbee.

Yes indeed, 'Bongers', I still have somewhere the decorated 'scroll' from George VI which was sent to all school children at the end of the war, and I, too, remember the school maps covered in red. Sic transit gloria and all that jazz!

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