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Tuesday, 20 April 2010


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During Captain's Inspection Cap'n told Bosun, "Bos'n, your men look ship shape, but damn, to a man they smell baaad. Might I suggest they change skivvies?"

Bosun snapped to, "Aye aye Sir! Ring four bells 'n hat'll be done."

Cap'n left deck and went to his quarters.

Sailors went below deck with Bosun following smartly.

"Sailor Duff!"

"Aye Bos'n?"

"Change skivvies with Sailor Smoothwert!"

"Aye aye Bos'n!"

"Sailor Dunsquirt!"

"Aye Bos'n?"

"Dunsquirt! Change skivvies with Smirtwold!"

"Smartly Sailors, each o' ye, change skivvies with the next man half bells hence and re-assemble!"

"Aye aye Bos'n!"

And the good and fine and true sailors of HMS Brownsmuged did as ordered. Within half-count bells all had re-assembled for inspection.

And four bells sang.

And the moral of this sea saga remains, no matter a new Captain comes on board and orders "Change!"

The smell remains the same.

Very good, 'JK', but you need to work on the accent a little!

It was an Australian crew.

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