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Monday, 05 April 2010


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Where ever did I go wrong.

A long time ago I commented on an article calling Hayek an exemplar of social justice.

I need to pay more attention to your words of wisdom.

Thanks, Hank, an interesting post. It reminded me of this passage from Hayek's book:

"The phrase [social justice] could exercise this effect because it has gradually been taken over from the socialist not only by all other political movements but also by most teachers and preachers of morality. It seems in particular to have been embraced by a large section of the clergy of all Christian denominations, who, while increasingly losing their faith in a supernatural revelation, appear to have sought a refuge and consolation in a new 'social' religion which substitutes a temporal for a celestial promise of justice, and who hope that they can thus continue their striving to do good."

That strikes me as a fairly accurate assessment. Again it demonstrates the difference between laying down the moral conduct of individuals, and the interference in economic exchanges with purpose of achieving a fixed aim.


One of the many reasons I won't be voting Conservative on 6 May is the existence - and approval by the Cameroons - of their ex-leader's think-tank, the Centre for Social Justice -

As Simon Heffer wrote in this morning's Telegraph - - whichever of the main parties the electorate votes for there'll be a social democrat in no. 10 on 7 May.

You (and Heffer) are right, of course, 'Bongers'. I still can't make up my mind who to vote for or whether to vote at all. In the meantime, four weeks of unmitigated tedium . . .

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