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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


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I think it's rude to exult just because the Greek government was even worse than Mr Brown's. If it was.

No, no, 'DM', I'm not crowing over the Greeks but over the Euro fanatics. I would give the Greeks a prize on top of Mt. Parnassos for their excellent work in blowing the froth off the Euro lager!

Mr Brown would dismiss you as "bigoted", Duffers.

Well, 'DM', in a few days time I intend to dismiss him - for incompetence!

Greece. The only country so corrupt, that they make the Mafia look like Mother fucking Threresa.

Don't forget, mthe E.U cooked their books for them so they could join the Euro in the first place. NOW my so called fucking "Governmenmt" is set to give them 8,4 BILLION, as a STARTER, whilst our pensioners must go ANOTHER fucking year without an extra bloody Pfennig, because the "Government" can not afford it!

Shower of bastards.

My dear 'FT', I 'feel your pain', I really do, but you must (to use a current TV ad punch-line) 'calm down, dear'! Easy to say, of course, when it's not your money being dished out to crafty Greeks.

"Easy to say, of course, when it's not your money being dished out to crafty Greeks."

Indeed - this time round - but, you know, cash is fungible. Money lent/squandered by members of the eurozone is money not sqandered elsewhere and one thing we know about the EU is that its spending/taxation is a ratchet. So - for the time being - the Treasury will not actually issue a cheque to Mr Papandreou but, rest assured, it will be issuing a cheque to take up the slack elsewhere. I suspect that next Friday (or the following Monday) - as the Portuguese and Spaniards join Greece on the bus to Carey Street - we'll be told that "it's in our interests" to help our "European partners".

Quite right, 'Bongers', and I'm glad (if that's quite the word) you reminded me.

A "loan" of 120 000 000 000 €!!!!
As Zorba the Greek says in the clip, "C'mon my boy, together...lets-a-go....hop...hahahaha...hop....I have so much to teach you."!

Sadly, Denmark is not in the EMU so we're not "lending" directly to support this madness.

For some reason, my native people, the Finns, based on what I've read on their papers, do not sound too favourably impressed with this great opportunity to give their crooked brothers in Euro a "loan" that will never be paid back.

I wonder why: In Funland the age of retirement is being raised to 67 plus they have quite a lot of cutting to do after the next year's election to balance the budget. In Greece it is not uncommon to retire at 53 and pay a dead person's pensions to his/her relatives. The officials get a bonus for showing up at work etc. etc.

This bailout sends a wonderful signal to other Euro rogues.
"Teach me to dance"

The sooner I come up with good pyramid scheme and an escape plan the better.

Juri, sorry for the delay in responding. Denmark, like Britain, might not be paying in to this pyramid scam but you can bet your life that eventually we'll be paying indirectly. An escape plan is prudent but the problem then becomes - where to?

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