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Thursday, 01 April 2010


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He's frequently on screen - plays a lot of supporting roles in US dramas and films.

Good for him, too. It's nice to see someone with principles who won't do anything so long as there's a payday in it.

Rare as hen's teeth in Hollywood, I'd guess.

Surprised you've not seen "Band of Brothers". That fellow plays a captain and had a big role in the Arnhem episode if I recall.

Hello, 'Bloggers', no, I haven't watched any of those 'Band of Brothers' episodes. In act my TV watching is both dismal and intermittant. But I did watch something good last night and I shall post on it later today.

Hello again David. Agreed about the meritlessness of almost all sex scenes. I recommend Rupert Everett's memoir of filming a sex scene with Sharon Stone ("It was then I remembered why I became gay").

It's a few decades since I did Latin too, but it's "mirabile dictu" (from the Aeneid, I think?)

Larry, good to hear from you again. Which film did Everett and Stone ever make together, I can hardly imagine it?!

You are entirely right concerning "mirabile dictu" and to add to my embarrassment you not only corrected my Latin, for which I claim no expertise, but also my inability to read the OU Dictionary in which I carefully(?) looked it up before printing it - and then spelled it wrong! Duh!

And I'm just back from the pub so God knows how many errors there are in this comment.

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