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Tuesday, 27 April 2010


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I think Arizona should offer free transportation to anyone who wants to move to New York, or Chicago, where all the jobs are. I wonder how long the media in the first city, or the (former) senators from the second, will continue supporting this kind of "open border" nonsense.

Meanwhile, when I call even small firms these days, the first thing I hear is "Press 1 for English".

'I feel your pain', Dom'!

"Where will this Marxist regime in Washington not go in pursuit of its progressive aims?" It won't invade China.

Good grief, no, 'DM', one needs must lickspittle to one's bank manager if you owe him money. Mind you, there is that old tale that if you owe the bank a £1,000 you need to worry, but if you owe it a few billion quid it's the bank that has to worry!

Yes, yes, I realize I'm coming late to the party but my internet service provider is as competent as the Federal Immigration Enforcement Agency. However, for at least one of the enterprises there appears to be a "voice appearing from (what we'd hoped was a deeper) wilderness" with a proposal for 'relief' on two fronts.

I for one, had always considered this fellow to have a smidgen of Greek ancestry - and now I'm certain:

Before, I hadn't bothered to read the "American Thinker" piece - now that I have, that would explain why (perhaps partly) about 1000 miles from Arizona (Arkansas) one sees numbers like these:

Sorry, 'JK', can't seem to be able to open the link.

Ah, sorry 'bout that. Apparently there's a privacy "issue" involved where posting a link to a list of "possibly but not proven resident status" comes into play.

Made my rear-end sore as I was receiving the explanation.

Happily, I can do nothing to improve the condition of your rear end, 'JK'!

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