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Thursday, 15 April 2010


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I imagine it that way. They bought door knobs made in Europe, as a way to create jobs
Of course, being the european work force as it is now, the knobs did not work quite as expected.
So, they had to put some people to hold the doors. And by doing so they created even more jobs!
They call it the european way of life, I think.

An ingenious idea, Ortega, but I noticed a commenter on another blog who suggested that the two men were poised to have a quick feel up the skirts of the two ladies. Perish the thought!

Jeeze, Sarah, why can't these dolts get it right?

When I said "Grovel, you Bastards, Grovel," I meant the bloody voters, not the fools wearing the Labour Tags!

Nice one, Mike.

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