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Friday, 21 May 2010


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"For fuck's sake, they're on our side and it's the terrorists who are the enemy!"

DD you're forgiven for losing your temper and you can't say/write it often enough. You only have to see the endless succession of talking heads on the BBC bleating about the saints who have been miraculously repatriated to Britain via Guantanamo after doing a post-graduate degree in Islamic Pacifism at the Open University of Pakistan to realise that not everyone might agree with you.

Thanks, 'Bongers', you have a way with words which indicates, to me at least, that it is time you started your own blog.

Meanwhile in Louisiana (now whether this has anything to do with the BP spill or not - I've yet to complete my research - but the name "reads" like a Muslim terrorist, of sorts).

I just hope they can get him into the care of the physicians at Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre. He obviously needs repatriatriation to Great Britain.

" . . . it is time you started your own blog"

I'm flattered that you think so - and then I say to myself "is this DD saying, in the nicest possible way, that I comment too much and at too great a length . . . . . . ?"

Actually, about 4 years ago I did start a blog at but (at the rate of 4 posts over 4 years) you can see that I don't have the application to blog on the admirably regular (and entertaining) basis that you somehow manage.

I do hope this link works David. I know you'll see it a "a sign."

'JK', as to your first link, at least his weapon was not concealed! As to the second, that was no rat, that was a Congressman!

'Bongers', don't worry, I'm not usually one for subtle hints. Also, I think that regular blogging of the sort I go in for is really a substitute for being an AI crasher in real life. I'm the sort of bloke I never want to stand next to in a Saloon Bar!

David? Everybody I normally ask for translation services is out enjoying Arkansas' beautiful weather. "Aha!" I thought, D&N posted yesterday a potpourri of timely topics which required translating. So, might you explain to me David just what the Mayor of Chicago is saying?

Tricky, 'JK', but it might be something along the lines of 'Yeah, I'll have another an' go easy on the water!'

An' waddya mean my prose needed translatin'? Pellucid, that's what it is, dear boy, pellucid! You just need new specs!

Kerry was an interesting case - unlike almost all of the leading politicians of his generation he'd actually served in the fighting in Vietnam, and then he managed to undermine any credit he deserved for it. He was surely the most absurd of the main party candidates in, what, fifty years?

Apparently I was misconstrued. David, you mentioned several items then went on to give me a better understanding of just how I should proceed should I ever land on a "Rachel of North London."

As we say in Arkansas, "she's a double-rubber gal" meaning, should the outer one break... or more correctly, take precautions not to land on her in the first place.

"a double-rubber gal"! Truly, 'JK', you are an education!

Actually, poor Rachel was in one of the trains which was bombed and also she had a wretched history prior to that, so she deserves some sympathy - but not from me when she agitates on subjects about which she knows nothing and which will do more harm than good.

'DM', difficult to say for sure because they do seem to produce some 'lulus' over there!

"Lulus" you say? Here's a 'thought' for improving an area of your life the Mrs will appreciate. With of course all the attributes I know you too appreciate. Republican, Fox News commentator, left Arkansas and moved to Florida.

I liked this comment:

"Lemma get this straight: The Huckabee Method delays ones ejaculation for a few seconds or does it kill ones sex drive for five whole weeks? I am guessing the later." [sic]

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