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Saturday, 01 May 2010


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He misses the crucial point. Whoever is appointed to produce the grand summing up of just how deep in the poo we are has got to produce a "Book" of findings. It is essential that it be called the Brown book. Legislation to deal with it all must be called Brown papers. Et bloody cetera.

"This, according to Heffer will have some excellent results. First, the blame will be laid foursqare on the quaking shoulders of the outgoing government. "

I think we can trust the MSM to ensure that some of the Brown stuff sticks to iDave too...

Julia, sorry for my delay in responding. Anyway, there's certainly plenty of blame, like muck, to spread around!

You're right, 'DM', it is so important to have the colour co-ordination right and brown is soooo suitable inthe circs!

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