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Saturday, 08 May 2010


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Suppose Clog says that he'd rather form a coalition with Labour but, of course, without G Brown. He could then point out, reasonably enough, that Labour have lumbered themselves with a constitution that precludes their electing a new Party Leader expeditiously. So, Clog might continue, the PM of this coalition would have to be his goodself.

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, by the standards of Westminster.

Don't go there, 'DM', it can only be a matter of time before the ratbags work that one out - plus a few more!

It's that or Mad Hattie Harbinger, DD.

No, no, I've suffered enough!

Mr Duff? I have been gleefully following your ever so astute prognostications from 'over there' about the prospects of a Democratic meltdown 'over here' so much so that I cancelled my appointments with the astrologer. And promptly lost her phone number.

Your 'over there' election results I wrote down to "Oh hell, with all that Greek mess, no wonder the electorate is confused."

But now I'm getting a tad concerned, I want so much to be looking forward to jumping up and down and shouting "See! See! And you poor people thought Mrs. Merkel had the best legs in Politicaldom!"

Might you Sir, begin shouting from the ramparts, "America's Republicans Are Headed Down The Toilet!"

Also, might you have the number of an astrologer named 'Claudia.' I think it's a Texas number.

"Astrologer"? Is that what they call them 'over there'?

As to your main point, 'JK', concerning the GOP, from the very little I glean from 'over here' I do think their top echelons are still not quite on top of the grassroots revolution going on beneath their feet. As for Bennet, at 76 he should have been put out to grass years ago. He looks to me like a typical Washington machine pol who lost contact with his electorate and is now facing their wrath.

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