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Saturday, 15 May 2010


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Never mind. We will eventually be saved by Milibanana and/or Milivanilla.

Thanks, 'DM', that began my morning with a chuckle!

Sorry DD, I consider your analysis and optimism to be sadly misplaced. Osborne (as the litmus for the coalition) has already accepted - if you believe the press - ) - that the new regulations concerning hedge funds etc agreed by our EU "partners" will be accepted without a squeak of protest. Well, maybe with a squeak, but accepted nonetheless. This is, I think, only the first example of the coalition starting in Europe as it means to go on.

Yes I read that, 'Bongers', but such matters are now subject to majority voting and the only one on our side was Czechia. No point in fighting a lost battle, better to save your ammo and be ready for the really important one to come. Of course, I don't know whether this 'love fest' government of ours have what it takes to fight a European battle, we shall have to wait and see, but I am hopeful that the 'Euros' will push their luck too far and force us to a referendum. Also, this is hopeful:

I take your point about fighting battles already lost. Indeed, but this is not just a battle on the arcana of EU directives, it goes to the heart of the City's ability to attract and hold financial institutions which make profits, employ Brits and pay taxes. What issue is more important for the future of the British economy? Accordingly, please tell me where the next battle - or any battle - is to be fought? I see no areas where the EU competence is not majority-led or where the Lisbon Treaty ratchet cannot be used to introduce such a competence (or, excuse my cynicism, where the European Court will allow any resistance on matters of vital importance to the EUrocracy).

My apologies - I've only just read your quoted piece about Germans falling out of love with the EU. It's a straw in the wind alright but never underestimate the momentum of the "project" and the financial consequences for (and thus fanatical resistance of) those who would lose when the "project" comes unstuck: they will resist the dissolution of the EU to the end. In an analogous way (and, funnily enough it's the same crowd) you only have to see the same irrationality (and finance-driven closed minds) of the Athropogenic Climate Change loonies to see that there's a long long struggle before the Gods of the Copybook Headings assert themselves.

I've got the very thing as a Campaign Song for the boys.

I go along with your argument, 'Bongers', but alas, I think all we can hope for is that they over-reach themselves and force our own, home-grown weasels into offering a referendum. That will be our last chance. Of course, there si still the very slight possibility that the financial turmoil will cause an implosion. We'll take collateral damage - but it'll be worth it!

'DM', I worry sometimes about where you spend your time on the internet - does your mum know? (By which I mean Mrs. 'DM', of course.)

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