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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


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The last provinces of Greater Europe being brought under the Reich's power.
The last planks of parliamentary sovereignty, popular representation and localism being burnt to fuel the ConDems' bonfire of our actual liberties.
Good spot as ever, DD!

Thank you, 'NNW', but I prefer to think of the monstrosity (or monster) across the Channel as the New Frankish Empire.

I agree that his 1922 proposal is a thoroughly bad idea. But you are factually wrong about "by insisting that only a 55% vote of 'no confidence' could force a government to resign". '50% plus one' would remain the requirement for defeat of the government by vote of confidence - the 55% requirement would be for a dissolution of parliament. It may be a lousy idea, but it ain't the lousy idea that you think it is.

Thanks, 'DM', correction added.

"why Cameron is pushing this beats me": allegedly it's so that the LibDems can be confident that he won't leave them in the lurch and call an election when it suits him. The point, I suppose, is that Conservatives plus, say, Ulster Unionists + any seats that the Conservatives might win at by-elections can't get near to the 55%, whereas Cons + Libdems does get there or thereabouts.

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