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Monday, 10 May 2010


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Dim? Mr Clog is playing a blinder. Just today he's wangled a referendum offer out of Cameron and Brown's stepping down as party leader. Now Clog just has to do a reverse somersault and the Conservative-Liberal government will find itself facing a hopelessly split and distracted Labour opposition, disparaging each other through a four-month leadership election, while Brown glooms over it all. The new government will reveal just how big Labour's lies have been on our plight, call an emergency election and finally crush Labour. Then it's back to Whigs vs Tories, thank God.

You are becoming surprisingly kind and generous in your usually waspish old age, 'DM'. Brown would have to go irrespective of anything Clegg would or could do. What Brown has done - quite cleverly in my view - is to make the LibDems look like the last whore standing in the Last Chance saloon unsure which customer to take on. The reason is apparent from their meeting late last night when it was made clear that, as I mentioned earlier, the LibDems are even more split than Labour. If I was Cameron I wouldn't trust that bunch as far as I could pee into a gale, so if he does a deal with them he had better ensure the small print is clear and unequivocal because they will cut and run at the first opportunity and Cameron needs to be able to lay the blame on them when we all have to trudge back into the voting centres.

Because Clog can now outline to Labour the possibility that I've just sketched above, he can now try his "I think I'd better be PM" argument with Labour. I assume that he couldn't possibly be daft enough to join a government with Brown as PM.

But despite the yearnings of his in-house Lefties (a majority inside the LibDems) would he be wise to be part of a weak and discredited government, with or without Brown? See post above.

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