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Wednesday, 05 May 2010


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As a wag somewhere implied, we should be praying not for a hung parliament, but a hanged parliament.

Blimey, 'DM', you've got a real death wish about you these days!

Nah, nah, it was the wag. Though it did occur to me that if we hanged the outgoing parliament, we'd save a fortune in pension costs. Meantime I may have found the answer on whom to vote for. Some joker called Old Holborn is standing here.
Unfortunately, he's not offering the String Up Toni policy, but he's got hours in which to do so.

I'll knot the rope just in case!

"The Greens remain, er, well, green, 'nuff said, I feel."

Hmmm, a sleight? A simple oversight? David, old fellow, you point out your slipping in the German, the French and the Latin yet that "'nuff said," causes this Arky some vexatious shimmering. That Sir, is Deep Hollow (pronounced 'holler') Hillbilly.

Now your readers have truly got their dime's worth. Er, a dime's worth in dead mule tradin'.

"dead mule tradin'"

Love it! And I bet it is only a matter of time before some Madoff character opens a Dead Mule Tradin' floor on Wall Street and we'll have Dead Mule Futures and all sorts.

Suggest it to the IMF and the EU. But tell 'em to come directly to Arkansas. If those guys from Illinois get wind of it there won't be a single dead mule left in these hills, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange will corner the market. Greece won't be able to import any deceased mule for months and the commodities markets here will go into a frenzy.

I do have a back-up plan though - we've got blind mules too. And armadillos. Slow roasted I hear, both smell just like Euros.

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