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Thursday, 20 May 2010


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Mind you, it was refreshing - and completely unsurprising - to hear on the Today programme this morning that the BBC is happy to give HMS Abbott the fair wind of its indulgent support in her bid for leadership of the Labour Party. There was no mention - of course - of Ms Abbott's . . er . . eccentric takes on education and race. Thank God that in these days of confusion and coalition we can rely on the BBC to be consistent in the support of its friends: Alistair Darling was given a soft-focus interview later in the programme.

Oh, I have to say, this campaign is already such a gift to bloggers and people who loathe the New Labour bunch already. And it hasn't even got properly underway yet! ;)

That's why, 'Bongers', I always listen to 'TOOORKSPOOORT' in the mornings, no politics and the only discernible bias is against Liverpool - so that's alright, then!

Quite right, Julia, and have you noticed a lifting of your spirits recently? I thought it was Spring but actually I think it's the fact that that lugubrious Jock has departed the TV air waves. Such a relief!

Your "Mr. Ed Balls?" You realize of course America had a Mr. Ed first? Of course what's he's shilling for here are no longer available owing to the American Governments "Change" policies.

The message is surely coming out of the wrong end of the horse!

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