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Wednesday, 12 May 2010


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Enough of the high politics- it's time for low politics. When should discussion start about Milibean's father having been a Soviet agent? You may answer assuming either (i) that he was, or (ii) that he wasn't.

Juicy, 'DM', but also very naughty. However, I gather that Dad and Grandad told a few 'porkies' after the war in order to beat the immigration rules so perhaps he would have been better employed at the Home Office!

Anyway, thanks for knocking me off my pontificating pedestal.

How would an Alistair Campbell put it? "David Milibean hasn't denied that his father was a Soviet agent", I suspect. Then he'd point to Milibean's failure to claim a fascination with football and so suggest that there's something foreign - or, worse, posh - about him.

Whereas I, a kinder soul, would just point out that Milibean has been perfectly accepting of all the intrusive Labour policy and practice that - for instance - has made adoption so difficult, and then exploited his privilege as the husband of an American citizen to avoid all that and adopt from the USA.

Let me get this straight, 'DM', are you suggesting that 'ur wee David is a lying, hypocritical sack of socialism? If so, spit it out, man!

Well, if you want me to horribly blunt - he's an entirely fitting leader for the Labour Party.

That's a terrible thing to say about a man - I'm shocked - shocked!

So. You guys (and gals) in the UK think you got all the troubles in Politicaldom?

At least ya'll had "viable options." Here in the US, our Great American South usually heads up the list of loonyism when it comes to nullifying one of our only two viable options. Seems such is no longer the case:

Thanks alot Rush. Thank you very much Ms. Coulter.

You know David, after some sleep I took to thinkin' (I know) anyway, I think I once commented on a similar line recently and your answer then was prob'ly a'fittin' fer this un too. You said (more or less):

"I think it's more an anti-incumbency thing..."

And, while the official voting day doesn't arrive for some few days, if'n a feller plans to be outter town (or durn't want to stand in them lines) voting in Arkansas actually came availer'ble on the 4th. I voted on the 5th. And guess what?

On the State and local levels I knew every single incumbent's name, but on the local level admittedly, I had to ask the clerk - is he or she an incumbent?

Don't reckon I actually need you to tax yore mind much a comin' up with a witty.

There is one, small thing though - if yer gonna spell "separate" - use Highwater Hillbilly. "Sep'ert" is much easier.

It's early here. Make that, 'On the Federal and the State levels... but on the local levels...'

I know, 'JK', I'm still struggling with the language - but ah'm tryin', I surely ah'm tryin'!

David? I told you the other day I was "confused" about your electoral process. You gently explained, "Welcome to the club" more'r less. Now you know I'm a knowin' you enjoy American readership, 'n yer a knowin' 'bout how I tend to cavort through the Internets. I'm a gonna do fer yer American readership as best I ken by purvidin' a link to a feller you sometimes link to. 'Splained stuff I cudn't git my hear 'round.

Yes, good man that Mark Steyn, although events have now overtaken the prospect he wrote about.

Well, that was 72 hours ago. Were I still in the Navy and asked for a report, I would say "Snafu Sir!"

That phrase being of American Navy origin I suppose it needs exfoliating.

"Situation normal, all fucked up - Sir!"

However flux being flux, the article does kinda clear the glass as to why.

Indeed, 'JK', and I think 'snafu' is international in the English-speaking world these days - the British army runs on it!

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