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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


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Of course, if Cameron is really lucky, the Libdems will split, either now or in a few months time. I still find it hard to believe that the Libdems could possibly think it in their own interest to serve under Brown, especially since it would be either a minority government, or a multiparty suicide pact.

But they will get (assuming they can stitch together a majority in the House - and get it through the Lords!!) an immediate change in the voting system which they think will be to their advantage. I suspect that disgust with Labour and the 'Tarts' will be such that Cameron might win under any system and then he will promptly repeal the legislation. He who laughs last didn't get the joke!

There was for a well, pretty short time, I thought I had a handle on what was going on, on the Eastern Atlantic Seaboard - but now I'm totally confused.

How's about a PowerPoint Presentation David?

Contact Jeanie O should support be requisite (no, just in the presentation) she is after all, "Good in all the ways I can think of."

With the possible exception of English politics.

"now I'm totally confused"

You have just joined a not very exclusive club, 'JK'!

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