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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


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DD, you are being absurdly negative. On Friday, exhausted and disappointed, both Cameron and Clog had to decide what to do next. In less than five full days they've managed to come up with a coalition scheme that will see us through (I guess) the next few months. After that it'll be "events, deah boy, events" that control. En passant, they managed to remind everyone of the intrinsic shittiness of Brown/Mandelson/Campbell. Quite good going, I'd say. Of course, it's odds against their managing to avoid a default on government debt, but that'll be the fault of Blair and Brown, not them. Meantime, it's odds against avoidance of defaults in the Eurozone and the USA too. And Japan. And Uncle Tom Cobbleigh.

I'm being negative, 'DM'? Your last two sentences hardly started my morning with sunshine and birdsong! I'm sure the euphoria of being FIPs (Fairly Important Persons) will keep the 'Tarts' quiet for a while but they have yet to face the sustained and vitriolic attacks from Labour and their various front organisations. The next couple of years is going to need men not boys and I'm not even sure if the Tories will stand the pressure, let alone the 'Tarts'.

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