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Sunday, 06 June 2010


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Oh m' dear David,

I didn't understand UK politics and it appears - you don't understand US politics. Wily bastards all though.

It wasn't White House C of H who 'offered the job' rather it was out of government ex-president of the US (and husband of Secretary of State) Bill Clinton who personnally extended the offer.

There's a baseball term for it, but because I realize you know as much of baseball as I do cricket - the American equivalent would be, "No harm, no foul."

Of course we might have to borrow a few billion bucks from the Chinese for an investigation that will prove no harm, no foul - but what the fuck - we've taken out a Line of Credit Home Nation Equity Loan.

Nothing will come of this.

Unless President Obama is reconciled to accepting direct payments 'in kind' from the Finance Minister of Greece.

Yes, 'JK', but, according to Ferrara, Clinton's effort fails to convince:

"Former President Bill Clinton is now claiming that he carried the offer to Sestak of an appointment to an unpaid position on a Presidential Advisory Board in return for dropping out of the race. But that story is not plausible because as a sitting member of Congress he could not have legally served on such a Presidential Board. So is the White House now lying to the American people about the matter?" [My emphasis]

And as so often happens, it is not the original sin that really matters but the subsequent ones that occur in the desperate efforts to cover up - see: Watergate pace!


** JK help me if I got all this Navy stuff wrong. **

As I understand it, permanent Rear Admiral (Upper Half) and temporary Vice Admiral Sestak was fired by the Chief of Naval Operations who is now the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, causing Sestak to revert to his permanent rank in which he retired. The Obama Administration is alleged to have offered him the job of Secretary of the Navy.

I know the Obama administration is tone deaf to such things but this sounds like a setup for a major blood letting on the 5th floor of the Pentagon. Aside form ethics, accepting THAT job would be rather dumb.


If I rember correctly there is also statutoery restruiction that prevents retired flag officers from holding political appointments in the Defense Department for 10 years after retirement. Sestak retired form the Navy in 2005.

Yes Hank. You are totally correct. And yes, there is that statutory restriction. Personally, while I'm 'relatively' certain Sestak was aware of it, I'm relatively certain Cuz Bill wasn't.

While I 'think' the scenario as I've described it is a bit too convenient, (as in: How the hell could Bill Clinton offer anything?) if the administration stays out of the way [and I actually do think they're wily enough to that point] allowing Cuz Bill to take the heat provides - in the words of former Admiral Poindexter - "plausible deniability."

Just thought I'd get that in without adding a link that I'm not too sure will work, but I thought our host might enjoy it:

It worked, 'JK', and it seemed to me that the panel were as muddled and addled as the Obama adminstration!

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