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Friday, 18 June 2010


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Amazing really, how the slim, elegant Barack Hussein Obama managed to step lightly through all the filth without so much as dirtying his shoes. The man's a miracle!

No miracle. Just an old Chicago political tradition for those with more ambition than a cushy low work high paying job. Don‘t take bribes or kickbacks. Facilitate and broker others who do. Never ever, especially on a phone line, make a statement that sounds like a quid pro quo.- Even if a tape is not running a Morales may turn states evidence.

He always did as the machine told him, but he did not take anything directly, especially if there was an obvious quid pro quo. Instead by voting the line and not collecting up front he had a huge pile of IOU’s that he turned into a Senate seat and support of a presidential bid. I’m sure he did end up with some financial benefit, but it was many steps removed from the source, and he did not take anywhere as much he could have claimed. The IOU’s were much more important.

Thanks, Hank, that explains a lot; and whatever his politics are, Obama is a bit more intelligent that 'Blago' who appears to be as thick as a sack of spanners! Even so, there might be some juicy titbits to come from his testimony.

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