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Thursday, 10 June 2010


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The problem with Sarah Palin's, uh, talents is that no one ever notices what a cute little butt she has.

I'll get the boys from 'I Hate the Media' on to it instantly!

Butt me no butts.

I realize Dave, this has nothing to do with your belove'd boobs er breasts - er her best feature - her nearsighted (obvious) glasses. Yes. Yes. As many of your prevous commentors have commented, "I can't believe Mr. David Duff you'd choose a candidate for us 'over her' on account of her butt."

Be that as it may.

I forgot what I was going to ask - I don't think it had anything to do with BP.

Just speaking the Queen's English - ice Fox glasses, stand-up for Alaska boobs - but damn, I'm like Dom, get your buddies from 'I Hate the Media' focusing on Sarah's butt.

I'll bet (KY or not) that's her best end.

Probably smarter too.

Now, now, 'JK', you're sounding 'tired and emotional' - you really must take more water with it!

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