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Monday, 28 June 2010


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"Tory's new ideas"

That should be "Tories' new ideas", you silly man. On bemoaning the standards of education: first take the beam out of your own eye...

But, 'Shuggy', and try hard to follow the logic, I am not a teacher, I am a product of the 'edukashun servis'. Even so, as regular readers will know, I am always grateful to anyone who corrects my grammar or spelling, so thank you. And should you return, perhaps you could give me a good reason why I shouldn't follow your example and ban your entire comment and substitute one of my own?

"perhaps you could give me a good reason why I shouldn't follow your example and ban your entire comment and substitute one of my own?"

Well, you seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that banning is a function of weakness so no doubt you'd want to leave it as it is to show your virility or something? But it's your blog so I'd encourage you to do as you please - I've copied it anyway...

"perhaps you could give me a good reason..."

I think 'no' is the word you are struggling for.

Oh, and by the way, I think the question mark at the end of your first sentence is redundant, but feel free to check with your English department - oh, wait a minute, I suppose like you they've gone off on their two month summer hols!

Here in Spain we have a similar problem with education. One out of three students that finish what we call primary school (about 12 years old) do not know how to read.
I think the Tory change is trying to follow the example of the places that saw the terrible mistake of the reforms of some years ago. Sweden is a good example of learning from one's own mistakes. Of course, the best results come from those places smart enough not to start any reform at all: Corea or Bavaria, for example.
The problem with some teachers, well, with most of them, is that they claim a moral position that they belive makes them impervious to criticism. The idea is: the results are awful but we mean well.
And about the supermarket. Are not the schools today already a supermarket, but of values? You need only to walk the corridors of some school and you won't see anything else.

'He seems to imagine, for example, that it is the job of a history teacher in a secondary school to teach people to read and write. '

Maybe it isn't, and maybe the pupils are being let down by their primary teachers, but surely anyone who has the best interests of his or her pupils at heart will set out - albeit with gritted teeth - to remedy the situation, so that the pupil can achieve the best result possible in History/Geography/whatever.

There's no place for demarcation in education - at least not if you have a vocation to teach.

Yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but films is better than history, right, maaan? History sucks!

"Virility?" Hed ta look thet 1 erp Davey, ah serpose cents yer got banned et's applyabull.

Bet yer orribull spelun? Whet's erp wid dat? Ow kerm yer onstly kerect esambull were "edukashun servis"?

Purrfekdly unnerstooderbull furm my whey er alookin et stuf.

Madder ahf fack, ah thank Shuggy oars yer a Docterett.

Sorry to hear that Spanish education is no better than ours, Ortega, it's like a cancer at the heart of the western world.

In a nutshell, Macheath!

Yeah, Julia, er, or no!

Oh God, 'JK', don't confuse matters by introducing 'Arkie' into the debate!

Don'chall no proffer languish azn erzatz uz Perfesser Shug ('skuse mah familiairity Unkul Shug bet yer dood mangle ter larn us perper punkciashoun).

Ner mandible deeze otusely funz er der whey yer'll ullers skrazulin Ant Jimney uttern yer balliwick Unkel Shug.

Er, yes, 'JK', or on the other hand, er, no. Whatever!

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