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Saturday, 26 June 2010


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By "dandruff-ridden hacks with nothing better to write about" means you include yourself in the description. The internet has a place for all of us.
Though it might be troubling for some men, woman actually have an opinion, can get angry and they also have feelings that may show up in the face. Woman aren't only capable smiling.
Surely you wouldn't think the same for Ann Coulter when she gets heated?
Silly question of course! In your eyes, she would never look obviously photoshopped.

Elaine, please don't remind me about angry women with opinions which show on their faces, I have been surrounded by them all my life. That's why these days I creep up the stairs to my computer in the attic and wage my lonely brow-beaten war for independence - but for God's sake don't tell the little 'Memsahib'!

And have a care, Madam, when you refer to Sarah Coulter - or is it Ann Palin? whatever - you are speaking of the woman - women - I love and to whom I have donated a test tube of my spermatozoa which I keep carefully in the upper tray of my fridge alongside my jug of dry martini (oddly enough the fourth one did taste a bit off last Saturday) so that in the unthinkable event of my death they will achieve their lifetime's ambition and bear my children.

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