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Sunday, 20 June 2010


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On the subject of history: what happened to the Emperor's troops after Waterloo? Did the British-Allied Army, or the Prussian Army, pursue them? Presumably they must have done in case the beggars came at them again. Did they run for it, or surrender in droves? I don't think I've ever seen an account of What Happened Next.

It was a murderous rout, 'DM', with the Prussians determined to slaughter as many as possible. Bonaparte forced his way through the retreating army and riding hard south passed Quatre Bras where some 4,000 bodies, stripped naked by looters, still lay in the open. He made it back to Paris but that crafty, ambitious ratbag, Fouche, had turned the parliament against him. He tried to escape by means of an American ship but the Royal Navy had the coast locked down tight and in the end he was forced to 'turn himself in'.

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