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Wednesday, 09 June 2010


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I think you'll find that most oil traffic goes round the Cape, as modern tankers are too large for the Suez Canal.

But the main thrust of your article stands.

Thanks, for the correction, Brian. Also you remind me that many of them are going the long way round to avoid the pirates from Somalia. Even so, it's a grim prospect to think of the eastern Med as a hostile sea.

" . . . and under the inspired leadership of 'The Wise One' in Washington, we are busy shitting all over [Israel}"

DD, you are completely off-message. The collective wisdom in the Oval Office, the BBC and the Guardian is that when Israel disappears all our troubles will be over and a new age of tolerance and mutual understanding will dawn. Ahmadinejad will become chairman of CND and Bin Laden will open the Celebratory Ball in a newly Arabised Jerusalem partnered by the US Secretary of State. Sure, some of those pesky Jews will survive the wreckage but I'm sure Hamas will deal leniently with them.

Quite so, 'Bongers'.

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